Salvation July 18, 2012

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I have been horrible about blogging for the past few months, but this was too important to let pass by. Tonight, Taran accepted into Jesus into his heart! Well, according to him, he already had. During our devotion at bedtime, I explained to him how we were sinners but that Jesus has defeated sin, and we can put our trust in Him to save us and invite Him to live in our hearts. I asked him, “Would you like to invite Jesus to come and live in your heart?” He looked sideways and thought for a second and said, “Well, I think I already have.” I kind of guessed as much, as he seems to have understood the gospel message and has referenced Jesus living inside of him. I prayed with him a simple prayer thanking Jesus for His sacrifice, and asking Him to forgive our sins and come into our heart (his heart). So really, it was just a formality I think. 🙂 After our prayer, we talked about how even though we still have the temptation to sin, God has defeated sin and is bigger and stronger than that temptation. Taran then informed me that when dinosaurs were on the Earth, the devil tempted microraptors with berries and caused their fall. You learn something new every day!

Our conversation tonight stemmed from troubles we’ve been having lately. Taran has had a hard time listening/obeying and following instructions, and Dad and I, after a prolonged period, have struggled to maintain patience and gentleness throughout it all. I’m thankful that God has taken the shouting and tears (all Taran’s, of course ;)) and turned into something absolutely beautiful. I pray that Taran will surrender his strong will to the Lord and that God would turn his spirit to His heart, that Taran would follow unwaveringly after the Lord and His will throughout his life. Taran will likely still struggle to obey for years to come, and Dad and I will certainly never be the perfect parents…it is so hard, for me, to find the balance between exercising discipline and consistency and exhibiting grace and mercy. It doesn’t help that each of us has a short fuse! But knowing that we are all on the same page, led by a God of holiness, unconditional love, and abundant mercy, gives me great hope. Thank You, Lord, for coming into my child’s heart. May we exhibit Your love and grace, so that he (and our little girls) would see Christ in us.


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