Taste Testing September 30, 2011

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Tonight after dinner, we had our very own Taste of Suwanee…well, maybe Taste of Our Fridge would be a better description.  It all started when the girls and I had sliced tomatoes with Italian dressing.  I don’t even attempt to place such dishes in front of Taran anymore, knowing he will kick and scream all night before he ever tries a bite.  Instead, I utilize my best child psychology tricks to make him think that trying new foods is a game.

Near the end of dinner, Taran asked what I was eating, and I told him about the Italian dressing and showed him how much the girls liked it.  Intrigued, he prodded, “What does it taste like?”  I told him “sour” because he loves sour candy (and vinegar is sour, right?).  I casually poured a dollop from the bottle onto his plate and said, “Here, try it.”

He made a horrid face and shook his head, but I went to the fridge to see what other sauces he might be interested in trying.  His eyes lit up when he saw the Ranch dressing: “I know that! Some kids eat that!” Bin-go!  I put some on his plate, and he was still hesistant…

He took a deep breathe, squinted his eyes, and with all the courage he could muster (poor kid! :)), stuck his finger in his mouth.  And…


He tried the Ranch dressing and actually liked it!  I was super proud of him for trying it, and even more happy that he found something new that he likes.

He eventually tried the Italian dressing and some Honey Dijon dressing also (seen on his plate above).  He didn’t like them, but that is A-OK with me.  I heaped praise on him because he used to refuse to even consider trying something new.  I guess he has gotten braver (and more mature) with age.

The girls were not going to sit by and watch Taran enjoy this culinary experience by himself.  I soon got a chorus of, “I want some! I want some!”  I gave the girls the same array of dressings…and they asked for more…

And more…

I think we spent at least 45 minutes at the dinner table.  Clare and Laurel had at least 7 helpings of dressings…meanwhile, Taran slowly licked the one portion of Ranch off his plate. 🙂

As a Mommy, these are the moments I most treasure – just sitting with my kids, interacting with them, and learning the unique facets of their personalities.

Speaking of personalities…Laurel has definitely distinguished herself as the “rebellious” twin.  “Laurel, can you come here?” is code for, “Laurel, please run around the room laughing maniacally while Mommy frantically tries to chase you down.”  She definitely takes after me…from all the stories I’ve heard, I was an obstinate child.  My first word was, “No!”, which is a typical response from Laurel (even when she means yes). While Clare can be mischievous, she is usually very agreeable and quick to respond to guidance or instruction.  When we pray (or sing, or do anything with repetition involved), Clare loves to try and figure what I’m saying, so she’s just a hair behind me as I speak.  So when I began bedtime prayers, she immediately put her hands together and bowed her head, repeating after me…”Deaaar God…Thank you for this day…Thank you being our friend…Please forgive us when we don’t listen…We love you…” Laurel, in the meantime, was sitting in my lap scowling and squirming.  After we said “Amen,” I looked up and noticed Clare was still praying, with her eyes tightly shut and an intense look on her face.  “Deeeear, God.  Please hep Wa-wul <Laurel>. A-men.”  I had to laugh out loud. 🙂  Laurel is a sweet and happy little girl, but is also a spitfire.  I wonder how her personality and temperament will play out in the years to come.  Good to know that her concerned sister has started praying for her already! 🙂

A typical Laurel face

The look of mischievous glee on Laurel's face after I caught her climbing up the stairs.

Sweet Sisters!

Just because...can't leave Taran out! The three kids at the awesome playground at Marietta Square.


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