Disney World June 4, 2011

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I’m already overwhelmed at how behind I am in updating the blog! I’ll try to briefly recap the past few months, one post at a time.

April (Spring Break) – We went to Disney World! The trip was so much fun but exhausting, as Disney always in. We almost scared Taran away from the get-go. One of his first rides was Haunted Mansion, which he rode warily…I think it would have turned out fine if the ride didn’t get stuck at the end, while he was surrounded by spooky voices and ghostly images…needless to say, it ended in tears. Next we took him on *our* favorite ride, Splash Mountain. I felt guilty walking through the lines as Brer Rabbit cheerily sang his tune, assuring my suspicious son that it would be so much fun. To be honest, the ride scares the bejeebies out of me and Ari (we’re wimps), but that’s the fun of it. Taran actually did a great job and wasn’t in tears at the end like I expected.

Clare and Laurel LOVED meeting Mickey and friends. They hugged them like they were long-lost friends.


So funny!!

Here are some more pics from our trip:





And the best part of the vacation…



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