Bedtime Adventures March 30, 2011

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I always envisioned as the girls got older that we’d all snuggle together in bed, read stories, say prayers, and then each child would contentedly go their own beds and drift off into blissful sleep. Needless to say, I haven’t yet achieved my vision.  A few days ago, I unwittingly let the kids have a too-long and too-late naptime…which meant, come bedtime, no one was ready to sleep. I decided to let them stay up for awhile longer…they all piled in Taran’s bed to watch the beloved Wiggles on his iPod.

Taran was very sweet to allow Laurel to hold the iPod.

Unfortunately, Clare soon tired of letting someone else have all the fun.

I figured they needed a bigger screen to watch, something they wouldn’t fight over to hold.

Pretty cute, huh? I thought so, but this didn’t last for long, either.

In reality, they even have issues gathering for a story. Moreso the girls than Taran. They’ll each compete to sit in my lap, grab the book in mid-sentence, turn the page before I finish reading. Rather than snuggling, they wind up pushing the other off my lap, swinging their arms wildly, kicking, whatever it takes to make their point. Their misadventures are what caused them to scratch my right cornea in January (courtesy of Laurel) and my left in March (courtesy of Clare). They’re officially toddlers for one more year, and I don’t know how much more my poor face can take…maybe I’ll invest in a hockey mask for bedtime!


What’s Happening? March 21, 2011

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Sorry for the delay in writing – life has been happening at a breckneck speed it seems! Ari has increasingly time consuming duties with work, which has left the primary caregiving to me. There are things that we used to do together that I’ve been tackling alone. At first (and even now), I struggled with feelings of being overwhelmed, alone and resentful (not towards him, but towards his demands). But God has shown me that this is a period for growth and reminds me that my reliance is on Him.

So many blogs (with good intentions, I’m sure) portray a life of close to perfect mothering. And I don’t even like to solicit advice on social media, as I fear how other mothers who barely know me will silently tsk tsk at me, or even worse, offer advice…I am not good at accepting correction, even when I admit I need it! But I figure if you are reading this blog, you must at least know me well enough to the point where I can be more transparent. And the original purpose of this site was to document our family’s life; I still aim to do that, for both the good and the bad.

So, with that long preamble, I introduce one of my struggles…bedtime. Taran is good to go for the most part. We read him a story, brush teeth, say our prayers, turn on his music (either George Strait Christmas album or the Wiggles), leave the room, and he’s asleep within minutes. On Friday and Saturday nights, he gets to go to bed with his iPod, which has kid movies and songs loaded on it.

The girls are a different story. For some background, bedtime has been an evolving routine since birth. From their earliest days, the parenting wisdom went out the window in favor of whatever would get us the most amount of sleep. In the first few weeks, that meant sleeping on our chests (one baby per chest, that is). Gradually, they were able to sleep in their own cribs, with Clare in a pack n play in our room and Laurel in the nursery. (They woke each other up when they slept together…and nothing is worst in the middle of the night than two awoken babies!) However, they were each rocked to sleep independently then laid in their cribs. Lately, with Ari’s workload, I’ve had to figure out how to put them to bed at the same time. Let me tell you, this has not been a fun task. Sometimes they would struggle with me for up to 2 hours, and my patience and energy wore thin as all I wanted to do was lie down and go to sleep myself.

I’m happy to say that after a couple of week’s transition, more often than not, they are able be laid in their own cribs and soothe themselves more independently. I still rub their backs for a minute, and they may get up a few times and fuss. But I’m able to tell them, it’s okay, Mommy is here, but it’s time to go to sleep…and since they understand us now, they actually get it and lay down and go to sleep!

The point of all this is, if Ari did not have the extra work, there would have been little motivation for this wonderful change. They are getting too old to be rocked to sleep anyway, and this ultimately is so much more efficient for everyone. During this time, God truly has been working all things together for good.

What else has been going on? We’ve had a bout of illnesses over the past couple of months…everyone but me had a stomach bug, which entailed many yucky cleanups of clothes, rugs, and even the carseat. Laurel scratched my right cornea in January, and Clare decided she wanted to share in the fun and scratched my left cornea this past Thursday. If you’ve never had an eye injury…WOW…this is painful. What made it worse is that I don’t wear glasses or contacts, and trips to the eye doctor have been very difficult. I freak out when something gets near my eyes, even eyedrops. It took 10 minutes to get a bandage contact lens on me, and I was hyperventilating the entire time. Laurel sprained her ankle from a mishap on the slide on Friday, and she’s taken to crawling again…I’m glad she’s resourceful, but it’s kind of sad to see!

This has been a long post, so I’ll have to put more lighthearted items another day. Hopefully the delay will not be so great next time!