Happy Birthday, Taran! February 6, 2011

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Today, our sweet boy turned five years old.  His birth was the impetus for the creation of this blog, and I’m so glad to have a written (and photographic) chronicle of his childhood.

Taran was so excited about his birthday this week, counting down the days till its arrival.  His first party of the day was at Splatters Paint and Pottery with 11 of his closest friends.  I was a little worried that not as many kids would come, for the distance (most of them live near Gainesville) and the fact that I had planned his party on Superbowl Sunday (oops!).  But he had a great turnout.

Clare and Laurel colored instead of painting, but they were glad to be part of the fun nonetheless.

You can see a snippet of the birthday song here:

Happy Birthday, sweet Taran!!  Whether you’re 5, 25, or 45 years old, you will always be our little boy!