Happy Christmas December 30, 2010

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The Youngs have had a lovely Christmas this year.  As usual, we go overboard with the kids, and I struggle to balance the true meaning of the season with my desire to shower them with gifts.  That being said, I am very thoughtful about the gifts I give.  I only entered Toys R Us once this season, and that was actually for my nephews.  We do our best to give gifts that encourage creativity, imaginative play, and make the least amount of noise possible. 🙂  This is the first year Taran has really asked for anything.  He is into being a “rock star” lately, so we got him a toy electronic guitar.  (An exception to my noise rule – but it the expression on his face was all worth it.)  We also got all the kids trikes and bikes.  I’m hoping that will motivate Ari and I to get outside and be active once the weather warms up!

Here are a few snapshots from our day.


We also got SNOW!  I was so excited to take the kids out to play in it after dinner.  Unfortunately, by the time we got everyone bundled up, Clare was asleep and missed the experience.  It took about 20 minutes to gather proper winter clothes to go outside, followed by 15 minutes of play, and at least 20 minutes of clean up (the wet floor, and wet children) once we got back inside.  Sometimes the simplest things can take forever with small kids!

The frigid cold and near-bedtime breakdowns helped to cut our time short outside.

The Youngs enjoyed a wonderfully fun and noisy Christmas day at home.  I hope you all had a blessed and lovely day as well, and held the remembrance of Christ’s birth in your hearts.  Merry Christmas from our family to yours!