Fall Fun November 14, 2010

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The Youngs are truly enjoying this gorgeous fall weather.  Only a few times this season has it been too cold or rainy to get fresh air or play outside.

Halloween was a fun time for all.  Taran dressed as Woody from Toy Story.  Clare was a little ladybug and Laurel was a butterfly.  All three were super cute.

Taran got to trick-or-treat with Brody, a friend from preschool.  They had a blast together.

To enjoy the fall colors, we made a trip to Unicoi State Park, near Helen, GA.  The entrance to the day use area is an expansive field nestled in a valley of the North Georgia Mountains.  The views were incredible, and the kids loved running around uninhibited.

The girls are 18 months old now, and I’m continually amazed at how fast toddlers pick up new language and ideas.  Long gone are my passive, inquisitive babies – they are now truly little people!  This may bore some, but I feel the need to record their favorite words and phrases, as we did for Taran on this blog when he was a wee one.

Food and drink:
Meatball, juice, “muh” (milk), cheese, peas, chicken, bread
When you ask if they like a food (they like pretty much anything), they vigorously shake their head yes.  It’s almost like a head and torso shake!  (They will also shake their heads no just as hard if they don’t like a food – the intensity is almost scary!)  They also ask for “more” and can tell me when they’re “all done!”  Soon after follows “up!” – as in, get me out of this highchair!

Toys or activities they enjoy:
Book, bay-bee (baby doll), ball, blocks, bath, Dora, Elmo

Body parts they can name and point to:
Belly button, eyes, mouth, nose, hair, toes, foot
Note: We have learned to first ask where there mouth is, and then their nose – because the finger that excitedly enters their nostril when pointing to the nose would wind up entering the mouth!
They are cutest when pointing to their belly button, as they lift their shirts and triumphantly gaze downwards, exposing their chubby little tummies. 🙂

Other common phrases include:
Hi, bye-bye, Mommy, Daddy, Me-Ma, Taran (or some variation), “Care” (Clare), Laurel (amazingly, they say this very well!), mine!, no (they don’t say yes, though they do nod vigorously in agreement), paci, “T” (TV), “show”, “mee-mo” (remote) (because I’m constantly wandering in search of it, saying “Where’s the remote??)

Every now and then, they will utter full phrases, such as “What’s wrong?” (when one sister is crying) and,  “Is that the paci?” (a question you get when you mistakenly give them a paci with a different design, leading to utter oral confusion)  Clare has gotten in the habit of exclaiming, “I’ll be back  I’ll be back!”  (which we utter often when we have to leave the room for a few minutes, leaving the girls behind the baby gate – in this case, it was Me-Ma going to the garage)

A little dinnertime exchange this evening struck me as so funny.  Laurel was reaching for Taran’s food (not an unusual occurance, even after she’s eaten a full meal).  Ari, who was standing a few feet away, said, “No, Laurel, that’s Taran’s food,” to which Laurel loudly protested, “No, mine!”  and then “Dad-eee!  Dad-eee!”, trying to win him over to her cause. 🙂

They are also learning to scoot down the stairs on their bottoms, which can be a long process.  It is also made more difficult by the fact that they don’t always go at the same pace, so that one baby is a couple of steps below the other one, and I’m walking backward, trying to shield any potential falls while risking my own balance in the process.

Though they have switched personalities many times as they’ve grown, Laurel has been the mischief maker as of late.  She hates being confined to her stroller or carseat, and only tolerates it if she’s moving.  Otherwise, she’s protesting, whining, trying to get out of her belts, and generally unpleased.  Clare, on the other end, is pretty content to sit as long as her basic needs (milk, food, clean diaper) are taken care of.  A few nights ago, all the good paci’s had mysteriously disappeared.  Clare had the lone Gerber Nuk, but Laurel had to fall asleep without.  She tossed and turned all night.  The next morning, at an early hour,  Laurel was downstairs in the living room with Me-Ma.  When Clare and I came through the gate, Laurel ran toward her sister and top speed and embraced her in a hug.  How sweet! I thought.  They held each other lovingly for a few seconds.  Then, Laurel pushed back from the hug, looked into Clare’s face, and proceeded to snatch the good paci from her sister’s mouth.  She ran off at breakneck speed, leaving Clare to crumple into tears.  This all happened so fast, I’m convinced Laurel conceived the plan as soon as she saw Clare that morning!

The girls pretty much understand what we are saying, and can follow simple commands.  “Sit down,” “Bring me a… (toy, book, baby, diaper, remote, etc.).  They know when it’s time to wash their hands, and they certainly know what “eat”, “drink”, “breakfast,” “lunch,” and “dinner” means – they scramble towards the fridge and paw at it, as if they haven’t eaten for days.

I’ll likely be updating this for a few days as I think of more of their nuances.  Again, this part of the blog is more for mine and Ari’s sake than anyone else’s, so feel free to skip these parts!