Christmas Time December 29, 2008

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Christmas was especially enjoyable this year as Taran was far more cognizant of what was going on more so than last year by far. Here also was an active participant when it came to decorating, preparing food and of course opening the gifts as the pictures show….


Thanksgiving and Disney December 1, 2008

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To celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, the Young clan traveled down to Florida in the only time of the year when the temperature is tolerable to visit Walt Disney World.

It was Taran’s 2nd visit to a Disney theme park and his first visit to Disney World. We previously visited Disneyland last year.

Taran was noticeably more into the visit than he was when he was 16 months old and is still speaking fondly of his visit with Mickey Mouse and Company…

I guess we’ll have to visit Disneyland or World again once the twins arrive