Hiking anyone June 15, 2008

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Don’t let the smile fool you…shortly after removing this apparatus from his back, Daddy nearly collapsed.

How is it that a child, not even 30 lbs can weigh so heavily when riding on your back?

Needless to say fun times were had by all on the recent outing to visit nature’s bounty. Taran especially enjoyed the walk free ride through the wilderness.


Rocky Mountain high…. June 6, 2008

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Last week the Young clan traveled to Colorado and the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Taran, as usual, had a great time running a jumping in various locales in and around Boulder, Estes Park, Denver and Rocky Mountain National Park.

This was also Taran’s second time seeing snow, living in Atlanta, snow (fortunately) is not an everyday occurence, especially at the end of may, but as we ascending the Rockies we found snow aplenty, unfortunately we were a little lacking in the clothing department, but the cold didn’t seem to bother Taran too much.

The trip to the zoo was also a thrill for parents and child alike….