Foot loose and fancy free May 11, 2008

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With warmer weather now upon us, no one is happier than Taran, at every opportunity he jumps at the chance to spend time outside running and jumping and generally wearing his parents outs.

Perhaps nothing is more tiring than going to a playground built for children 5 and under and attempt to climb and squeeze through things to keep up with a certain two year old…

Somebody needs a sibling playmate in a hurry…


Spring Time May 1, 2008

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Well its Spring that must mean its time for more formal pictures…Already the Young household is filled with hundreds of pictures of Taran. And we’ll probably have to upgrade to a larger house when Taran’s brother or sister comes along, just to accommodate all of the pictures.

In the past few weeks we converted one of the spare bedrooms into a play room for Taran, who continues to grow and amaze, at 26 months his vocabulary has significantly improved.

He can now recite the entire alphabet, and can count to thirteen…can college be far behind?