At the zoo… February 18, 2008

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For some reason in two years we have not once taken Taran to the zoo. He’s been to countless parks, museums and even Disneyland but never to the zoo.

So this weekend we corrected that oversight. Taran, who unlike his father, loves animals was overwhelmed with all the sites and enjoyed himself thoroughly, so much so that we decided to buy an annual pass so we could bring Taran back to the zoo on a regular basis.


Birthday Cake for Taran February 10, 2008

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Taran celebrated his birthday in grand style this week first with a birthday celebration at school, then lunch with mommy and daddy and finally grand celebration with family and friends.

Taran now officially join the ranks of the terrible twos…though in Taran’s case I would say its more terrific than terrible.


Happy Birthday Taran!

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This week Taran celebrates his 2nd birthday. Fresh from a rejuvenating night’s sleep, Taran awakes to the reality of his 2nd Birthday.