Taran and the telephone January 17, 2008

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Have you ever noticed how some children try to act much older than their age, Taran certainly has taken that notion to heart when it comes to the telephone, several times a week Taran will grab the phone and attempt to dial one of this grandmothers, shout their names as he presses the buttons.

Of course we always call them when he does this and then of course he always takes the phone, pressing it firmly to his ear and proceeds to have a conversation, as much as his 23 month old vocabulary will allow.

Here Taran is talking with his Me-ma (we haven’t quite agreed on the spelling) but thats what Taran has dubbed his father’s mother.


Taran’s Trike January 16, 2008

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Nearly a month after Christmas and still Taran is just getting a chance to try out many of the umpteen Christmas gifts he received. This past weekend it was warm enough for Taran to ride his new tricycle outside the house and he wasted no time, bike helmet and all.

For nearly an hour Taran traversed the neighborhood seeing the sights on three wheels, with Mommy right behind.


Taran on the Cob January 11, 2008

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During our recent Vegas trip, Taran’s Daddy continued his tradition of visiting as many Tony Roma’s Restaurants as possible.

While there Taran decided the time had come for him to eat corn the way his ancestors did (on the cob) and cast aside the spoon.

The Corn was actually Daddy’s corn but when Taran took an interest, the photography obsessed Daddy handed the corn over to Taran in exchange for a quick pic…Taran of course was happy to oblige.


Taran’s Vegas Vacation

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While his Daddy visited the Consumer Electronics Show, Taran got a chance to take in some of the sites of Las Vegas…

Here Taran shows his utter disinterest in the trappings of a gondola ride on the canals of the Venetian Hotel