Taranauts and Firetrucks… October 29, 2007

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Its not everyday that you find astronauts at the controls of a firetruck, but at this weekends Fall Festival in our subdivision, Taran found himself in just such a position.

Dressed in his Halloween NASA Astronaut costume, Taran was delighted as a firetruck from the local firehouse was on hand for kids (and adults alike) to explore, after waiting patiently, Taran was the second child to climb into the driver’s seat to try his hand and the control of a 700 gallon red fire truck…


Halloween preparations… October 20, 2007

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As Halloween fast approaches the Youngs are getting ready…this past weekend Taran tried on this year’s Halloween costume…

So far no word yet on when NASA will be calling. But we are expecting the call any moment.


Taran’s new milestone October 10, 2007

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Taran reached another milestone this week. After several weeks of trying with Taran refusing to go anywhere near the potty, yesterday Taran finally brushed aside his fears and promptly sat on the potty until his business was done.

He repeated the accomplishment this morning without hesitation…Good Job Taran!


Taran’s New Vocabulary… October 1, 2007

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In recent months Taran has taken to new words like a fish to water, among the new words and phrases added to his vocabulary in the last few weeks are:

Thank you

Brown Daddy
Happy Birthday


The Body parts – Taran has also been learning the parts of the body, when asked he will instantly point to:


When asked what the Cow says, Taran says “Moo” and when he sees a cow he says “Moo” of course he thinks any large animal on four legs is a cow. He can also say “Meow” when talking about cats and “woof woof” when asked about dogs…

To celebrate Taran increasing independence we decided to go out and buy him a car: