February 6, 2007! February 6, 2007

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Today is Taran’s actual birthday…1 year ago at 2:10pm Taran entered this world. The family celebrated with a trip to Build-A-Bear and dinner at a local Italian restaurant…

Taran was offered a taste of ice cream but rejected the savory treat out of hand, oh ell, maybe next year.


Taran’s First Birthday! February 4, 2007

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Yesterday, Taran had his first ever birthday party and he was joined by family and friends of all ages to celebrate this wonderful occasion.

Taran enjoys some time with the Wiley kids….

Mother and Child

Taran and Uncle Steve

Taran relaxes after a hard day of partying…

The afternoon was noted by firsts, topped off with Taran having his first taste of birthday cake, which he didn’t seem to care for.

Other than that Taran had a great time and so too did his parents…many thanks to all those who shared this special occasion!