Goodbye Granddaddy, We love you! August 25, 2006

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On August 4, 2006 Taran’s Granddaddy and Grandma were involved in a serious accident.

Sadly, Granddaddy was killed when a reckless driver, whose disregard for other lives caused him to lose his life as well when he crossed the median and collided with the car of my parents.

Taran was his granddaddy’s pride and joy, who looked forward to babysitting, taking him to Disney World and his first day of school. Now Granddaddy will only be able to do that in spirit thanks to the cruelty of life.

Taran will never know how much his grandfather loved and cared for him. How he would do almost anything for his grandson.

He will be sorely missed. Though he is gone he will never be forgotten.