Taran and Oatmeal July 15, 2006

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Recently, Taran has not only taken to his High Chair, but he has also taken to oatmeal. Taran now regularly has at least one feeding a day, which consists of baby oatmeal, which he prefers over the baby rice cereal, which usually ended up on the floor.

Taran has become quite mobile in recent weeks he is able to sit up under his own power, which makes using a high chair possible, but he has taken to rolling over at every turn and when I say every turn, I mean every turn, that includes bath time, diaper changes, play time etc…


Sweet Po-Taran

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Young Taran has expanded is food palate yet again.

Today instead of his usual oatmeal, Taran had a fun time snacking on some sweet potatoes, a food even his dad won’t eat.

While Taran still needs to work on his table manners a bit, he can be forgiven seeing as how he hasn’t even reached the 6 month mark yet.