Taran’s next March to the Sea May 27, 2006

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In the wake of Taran’s triumphant trip to Charleston in April, the Young clan paid a visit to Charleston’s colonial neighbor, ye olde Savannah.

Taran enjoyed the sites and sounds of popular tourist destination, particularly while walking along the historic riverwalk.


Taran goes to the park May 21, 2006

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This weekend, Taran and company went to a local park, where Taran rode a train and had an opportunity to interact with other kids.

Unfortunately Taran wasn’t ready to eat the hot dogs and snow cones that were served. maybe next time they will puree them and serve them in a bottle.


He’s a Soul Man May 19, 2006

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Sometimes babies don’t make sense. You make sure they are fed, burped, changed, entertained, held, and still they sometimes cry. There have been many times when Taran will wail for no apparent reason, and we can do nothing to console him ourselves. In our times of desperation, we have found a cure-all: Michael McDonald.

We’ve found that Taran absolutely loves this Doobie Brother turned modern Motown man. As soon as he starts crooning, an immediate change comes over Taran. He will stop mid-scream, gaze into space, and sigh contentedly. We played this CD a lot when Meg was pregnant, so we think it is familiar to him from the womb. His favorite songs are “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and “What a Fool Believes”.

Needless to say, we now know every nuance of the songs on this CD, and we’ve had more than our fill of Michael McDonald. Still, we’re going to his concert this summer, with Taran in tow. That’s a sign of true love.


Learning to crawl May 18, 2006

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On our recent trip to Savannah, Taran was quite enamored with our colonial style hotel room, particularly the bed.

Though not yet a full feldged crawler, he wasted no time in trying to master this new form of baby transportation.

Daddy, to lend moral support, began crawling with Taran, though we only made it a few inches.


Uncle Ray comes to town… May 1, 2006

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Daddy’s close friend and former college roommate, Ray, came to town to pay a visit to baby Taran.

So how did Taran react to this latest visitor, he was quite happy.

Any time “Uncle Ray” held him, Taran fell asleep within a matter of minutes, so comfortable was Taran’s “Ray sleep” that we may consider getting rid of the crib and hire Ray to serve as a living crib…