Taran’s March to the Sea April 27, 2006

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This weekend the Young clan traveled to Edisto Island, SC (just south of Charleston) it was Taran’s first visit to the coast since leaving the womb.

Taran last visited the coast as a fetus on a trip to Hilton Head in November 2005. While mom and dad were quite happy, Taran was about as interested this time as he was during the November trip.

Taran was quite uninterested in seeing the water, even after getting his feet wet, preferring the pleasures of sleep to seeing the dolphins or enjoying the sand between his feet.

That didn’t seem to stop mom and dad, however, who more than compenstated for Taran’s quiet with enough child like behavior of their own.


Sleeping through the night April 19, 2006

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Occasionally, Taran has treated his parents by sleeping through the night. On several occasions he has slept until 5:30 or 6:00 in the morning.

It is hardly consistent and for every day he sleeps through the night there are two when he doesn’t but its a start, and with his cute face who realy cares when he sleeps?


Family comes to town April 18, 2006

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Taran met his cousins (as well as Aunt and Uncle) for the first time. Cousins Devan and Balen spent time playing with Taran while Uncle Chetan and Aunt Pradnya spent time holding him. Taran was quite as is normal when he’s held, unless its feeding time…


A trip to Stone Mountain April 10, 2006

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Mom, dad and baby ventured into the Springtime sun this weekend, venturing to Stone Mountain, where Taran went for his first ride in the Baby Bjorn (seen in the picture). He was quite well behaved during the entire time. Most people who passed couldn’t see Taran’s face since he was wearing a cap to protect him from the sun, but it was clear I was carrying a baby and not a new fangled backpack by the cute pudgy limps dangling on the sides.

The only problem emerged during lunch, when daddy had to eat at an angle to prevent crumbs from falling on TareBear’s head.


Taran’s little game April 5, 2006

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Yesterday Mom ran errands while father and son spent some quality time at home. At least that was the expectation. In reality as soon as mom closed the garage door, Taran went into his act.

He began to uncharacteristically scream at ever increasing decibel levels. First daddy fed him, which satisfied him for about 2 seconds, then daddy burped him, he spit up and burped and was quiet for 2 more seconds. Next, daddy changed his diaper, which satisfied him until he got his onesie back on, then came the pacifier, which pleased him until he spit it out, then daddy tried rocking him, which didn’t work at first and then he heard the garage door open and mom’s return and all of a sudden he was again at peace.