More Pictures March 29, 2006

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Taran was so excited about his first photoshoot that he has requested that I upload all of the 61 pictures taken Sunday, at least I assume thats’ what TareBear meant from the various squeaks and hand movements….


Picture Day for Taran "TareBear" Young March 28, 2006

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To call Sunday, March 26, 2006 “Picture Day” is somewhat misleading. Since Taran was born 7 weeks ago today we have taken literally hundreds of pictures: Taran sleeping, Taran Eating, Taran at Play, Taran at Rest, Taran crying, Taran burping, Taran smiling and so on and so forth.

Yesterday, however, we took Taran to a photographer for a series of professional photographs.

Taran cooperated with the photographer smiling frequently, to accomplish this Taran’s parents had to make a fool of themselves jumping around and making noises. The results were quite pleasing, as you can see…
Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3, Picture 4, Picture 5, Picture 6, Picture 7


Mom and Baby, Part II March 23, 2006

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Mom and baby are having a great time, between the feedings, changings, baths and so forth Taran and Meg have had time to gallivant around town, seeing the sights, taking in lunch and visiting the finest Babies R Us stores that Atlanta has to offer.

That special bond continues to grow as Taran and Meg share that close relationship that naturally develops between mother and child.


Mom and Baby, Part I March 22, 2006

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Mom and baby have developed a special bond, just hearing her voice or seeing her face, Taran perks right up and gives a brief smile, before beginning the next round of crying or yelling when dinner, lunch, breakfast or the 3 or 4 meals in between are late.

Taran loves to play, and is not only impressed by mirrors, but lights, unusual facial expressions (supplied by Daddy) and singing (even bad singing, also supplied by Daddy). Just today he was quieted by my humming a civil war tune (again supplied by Daddy).


6 weeks March 21, 2006

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Taran Young (TareBear as he is affectionately known in the Young house) is now 6 weeks old. His skin is no longer peeling, he has received the first of many inoculations (hepatitis) and is beginning to develop a routine.

It is now clear that Taran knows the difference between night and day. When he wakes in the middle of the night for feeding he knows not to fool around, after re-loaded he returns to sleep rather quickly. During the day, however, Taran will have no part of that sleeping nonsense. He expects playing and plenty of it.


The Cry Mock… March 16, 2006

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As any parent can attest, children are curious and intuitive. They are also impatient and unwilling to wait, especially when they are newborns. Inevitably a newborn child will cry when their needs aren’t being met, the surest method to prevent this is to stay one step ahead of the child, meeting his needs as they arise.

In some cases all a child’s needs may be met and the child still cries or is upset for a reason known only to the child, in such circumstances, Ari Young’s instant cry reducing method can be used.

The method is known as the “Cry Mock.” Whatever the child does you do. If the child whines, you whine. If the child screams, you scream, within seconds your child will stop crying and stare at you with a puzzled look on his face. Very quickly your child will forget his own troubles as he comes to the realization that his parents may have finally flipped. By now, Taran almost certainly thinks his father is insane.

Bare in mind the Cry Mock is no substitute for diaper changing or feeding. And if you are one of those uptight parents who rarely crack a smile or who’s home sounds more like a library than a actual home, this method may not work for you.


Advice…advice…advice March 11, 2006

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Those who are parents can attest to this first hand. The minute you have a child, everyone you encounter turns into one of two people. They either gush over the child at the mere sight of him or they become instant authorities on child rearing.

In the nearly 5 weeks since Taran entered the world we have been told how to dress, how to bathe, how to burp, how to condition the house, when to use a pacifier, how to use a car seat and so forth. The fact is everyone has different views on child rearing, which may or may not conflict with the views of others. I am up to my neck in advice from people who’s views about child rearing differ from my own.

Word to the wise: never give unsolicited advice, if some one asks your opinion feel free to share, otherwise, keep quiet.