First words February 27, 2006

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My son have I have really started to bond. Just today he spoke his first words (of sorts), he said da, or ga or something of the sort. Either way I’m taking it to mean daddy. Already it seems he recognizes our voices. Maybe its wishful thinking, but Taran seems to pirk up, or even giving a semi-smile, when he hears our voice.


Ten days…ten ounces February 25, 2006

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Yesterday Taran returned to the doctor. Its been ten days since his last doctor’s visit and our son has gained 10 ounces in the last 10 days. he also grew 1/2 an inch, not too shabby. All the news wasn’t pleasant however, though his health is stellar, he has an oral infection known as “thrush.” Thrush is an infection of the mouth with the fungus (yeast) Candida albicans. The infection is not serious and can be treated with antibiotics.


Squrping February 24, 2006

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As a child of 2 plus weeks old, Taran has developed a unique sound. No this isn’t a unique sound like the Beatles in 1968 or Earth Wind and Fire in 1975. Taran’s sound has come to be known as Squrping, a combination of burps and high pitched squeaking noises, not unlike a chicken.

Squrping has become a common sound in the Young household around feeding time, which for Taran is every 3 hrs on the dot, rain or shine. We haven’t heard from any record artists looking to sample Taran’s style, but I’m sure that will change…


Taking to the bottle February 22, 2006

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When your child is less than 3 weeks old, everything he does is a mini-milestone: the first time he opens his eyes, the first time he turns his head, etc…Today was no exception, after seeing his reflection yesterday, Taran decided to take the bottle by the hands, literally, as he grabbed his bottle for the first time. For those without children this may seem insignificant, but if you were only 2 weeks old, you would be equally amazed…Mom and I surmise that with such a ravenous appetite Taran wanted to ensure a constant flow of milk during his 5pm feeding.


Taran in the mirror February 21, 2006

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Remember the first time you heard your recorded voice? More likely than not it came as a surprise. Surely, that can’t be my voice. I sound like that? Well Taran had a revelation of a similar nature when he saw himself in the mirror for the first time. Not only did Taran forget he was hungry (I could tell because he stopped trying to eat his bib), but his eyes grew big as he starred at his reflection. No doubt he was thinking: “wait a minute, I was the only one in that womb, where did he come from?”


The deal February 19, 2006

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My wife and I have come to an agreement: my wife will handle the feedings and I will handle the diapers. Some would say I got the short end of the stick but this division of labor has proven quite efficient in the Young household, after all it worked for Henry Ford…


More relaxed…

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It seems Taran is becoming more relaxed in his new environment. We attribute that to the fact that mom and dad have a better idea of what we’re doing as we approach the 3rd week.

For his part, Taran seems to be growing rapidly. His appetite is so ravenous, that he consumes more milk than any normal human can replenish. At this rate he might actually be able to fit in to some of his newborn clothing soon.

He reached another milestone this very morning as the last remnants of his umbilical cord came off. In spite of requests to the contrary from my wife I did not save the umbilical stump, even I am not that sentimental.